And It’s done!

WOo fixed a ton of bugs. Works completely now on Android. I’m still running into some Heap corruption errors. Not the best code I’ve ever written.


First Ludum Dare Completed. Looking forward to the next one.
Downlaod source here
Download apk here


Menus icons ending oh my.

WOOOOO I think the game is pretty much done. Now I need to fix all these crashes. It doesn’t even work on android :(. Need to fix that to call this fully completed. So I have added loading screen image. Icons. Menu to start. Game Over screen. Congrats Screen. Def filling out.
iOS Simulator Screen shot Dec 16, 2012 2.37.28 PM
Next Goal:


Getting closer. Still not quite there. I added projectiles but since they are kinematic bodies they aren’t getting removed as well as I would like to. SO I need to work on that. Getting pretty tired so I’m going to call. Lots of work to do yet. Hopefully I can get this finished.
iOS Simulator Screen shot Dec 16, 2012 3.06.40 AM