The game is complete.  I spent a ton of time fixing the ship animation and adding menus including credits.  I’m actually really happy with the game.  







Let me know what you think.  Till Next Time.

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Level Complete

Man I made a tough level.

I’ve added 5 patterns.  

  • Random missiles
  • Radial Lasers
  • Radial Missiles
  • Left Right Top Bottom Lasers
  • All Four Corners Lasers

I’m thinking about making this level 2 and working on level 1.  

Long Day

SO I finally got the rotation of the missiles and lasers to work.  They look awesome.  I also have a high score mechanism in place.  I’m in the process of making more levels.  



The game is ok right now.  Need come up with some fun thing.  I’m thinking of adding polarity.  The dual paddles really didn’t work.  Maybe for multiplayer….  Tomorrow will all be about sound and making it fun!.


So it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged last.  Well I took a break.  Had a meal watched some tv.  Now onto what has been done.

Art!!!!.  Nuke, MIssile, Background,Explosions.  All Added.  It’s looking pretty good.  



Now for the bad news.  The laser angle code doesn’t work.  It only works half the time.  I sunk a lot of time into that.  Now that I’ve added the missiles they are no longer square so I need the code for that as well.  So it looks like I’m going down that rabbit hole again.  

Next time.  ANGLES 


Finally got lasers to point where they are ok.  Took far too long to get the angle of the laser to look right.    There was some weird things in unity.  The Vector3.Angle() function was not working correctly so I had to use Mathf tan functions.  Also kinematic colliders aren’t working correctly in 2d.  An object with a trigger is not correctly colliding with an object without a rigidbody or one that is kinematic.  


Anyway off to jog.  When I get back I want to setup level 2.  Have a timer.  Then figure out how to make this shit hard!.

Till next time.