Bacon Jam 7 Game submited

Hey All,
Sorry for the lack of updates.  Just been crazy.  Worked at a coffee shop for most of the day yesterday.  Busy putting my head down.  So anyway the game is here.  

You and a friend are stuck on a giant mysterious platform. We’ve been here for weeks with only water. There seems to be other platforms in the distance. I wonder what is on them. A flash. Oh No. What happened to my friend? Where did this monster come from? What are these buttons? 



It gets really hectic.  It’s kinda fun.  This is my first 3d game. Not as good as I would like but it turned out pretty well considered.  Here are the links to play and download.








Things are going well.  I have a guy who moves around who generates a level.  So the game has changed a little bit but my idea was too grand any way.  So now the goal is to go around and collect 4 ingredients while avoiding minions from the big hungry bad.  The only way to kill the minions is to set a trap and have them run on that tile.  

So right now I have a guy who runs to the a blue box and it loads the next square.  So effectively you make the maze.  You can also click and run to the box to make a trap.  The ingredients are also made.  Check the screen shot.


Upper left you can see the overhead view of the level.  The bottom left is the game .


Bacon Game Jam 7

Man it’s been awhile.  I’ve actually done another hog jam that I need to blog about but no time for that. On to another game jam.  This time I’m joining in a reddit organized jam the bacon game jam. and  

The theme is Hungry.  

So my idea is you control a guy that is being haunted by a big bad hungry guy and you must feed him.  You start out with nothing and you have to build farms to feed him.  You are after a specific goal which for now is going to be a suprise.  

During the game he will send minions after you which you must lure into traps since you don’t have any weapons. or something liek that.  Still thinking about that one.

Anyway first screenshot.