Eh Game Finished


It’s alright.  Needs a lot more work to find the fun.  I just don’t have the time or will power to find it.  Give it a try here.




Something a little functional

So I created a snake that crawls up from beneath the surface.  I also added some people on land.  So when a snake gets to the top it eats all the people in the immediate facinity giving you points.  Then all the people start running away from it.  

Pretty boring right now.  All you can do is stop the snake for a second.  The goal is to try and get the most mayhem to come from the deep.  Going to add some more bad guys and some better ai for the humans.  


Ludum 29

Beneath the surface.

So I’ve got an idea I’m going to run with.  So you are looking at a 2d sideview of a town.  From Beneath the surface you opened up a whole from another dimension.  You’re goal is to harvest as many people in the town by “controlling” the creatures you pull forth.  

I’m thinking you control them by placing things in there way like an iron block or remove dirt.  Or clicking on them.  THey will have predictable patterns.