Auto Zoom out

Ludum31 Sat 109 pm

So I’ve got an algorithm that zooms out the level.  Autogenerating new levels. Enemies with a sword to hit them with. One more thing that is a basic requirement for the game I need are puzzle elements.  I want to give a riddle that will tell you where a clue is and once that level is generated you can pick up a new clue.

Now saying that there are a ton of bugs.

  • Autozoom out is rather ambitious.  It zooms out rather far and even if the level would be on the screen it tends to zoom out.  It likes to keep things in the center.
  • the auto level generation has a bug.  Sometimes the new zone just isn’t there.  Not really sure what is going on.
  • The Negative sword swipe is not in the right spot.  That needs tweaking.

Once I fix these bugs and add a puzzle I need a HUD.  This will have the number of clues obtained and your health.

Then I will work on art.


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