Character and level creation

Ludum30 1031 F

So I’ve got character movement and autolevel generation working.  I think my code this time around is actually rather good thanks to this book Game Programming Patterns.  I’m about 70% of my way through.  Most I already knew but it is nice to get some refreshers and quantify things.  I want to have more in depth posts about these patterns in unity.  Once I get some time.

The Command pattern is super awesome and I spent some time implement for movement of my person.  So hopefully Enemies will be super easy to make.  Maybe after this weekend I can implement replay.  That would be awesome.  One of those things I’ve always wanted to do.

So now the next steps are:

  • Move camera back to see whole game
    • This is going to be some rather difficult math maybe.  It is going to require some thought and probably some data around that is the size of the world so far.
  • Enemies
  • Different Levels
    • With Enemies
  • Puzzles

I may just tackle the enemy thing here first.  Not sure.  Will force me to have an end condition so that will be good.  I also need a win condition maybe.


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