Complete Game

Ludum31 Sat 632 PM

So I added puzzle pieces.  Along with 3 riddles that let the user know where the puzzle pieces are.  When you collect all 3 you get a winning screen. WOOO.  Losing and winning creates a complete game!

This took me forever because there is some weird behavior in unity where a prefab cannot instantiate another version of itself without using itself as a reference.  So what happens is that the object instead of being (clone) ends up being (clone)(clone) the more you use that prefab.  The only I found around it is to use a 2nd class to instantiate it.

So now to they gym for a little bit next steps when I get back.

  • Fix bug where Levels get cloned on top of each other.  Stupid ray tracing is being a dick.  Maybe I’ll just keep what levels have been instatiated and prevent new ones in those positions.  This will work.
  • I added hints to the riddles.  I need to add a button to show them in the pause menu.
  • Find the fun.  I want to add guys and see how that changes the game.  Right now its pretty boring.  I’m want to full with how fast you and enemies go based on how big the level is.  This should add some fun.

Alright till next time.


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