Global game jam 2015

So I did the GGJ this year.  Man what a good weekend.   I’m really happy with how the game turned out.  Very much an experience but still has great atmosphere and a tiny puzzle in it.

screen_shot_2015-01-25_at_4.21.03_pm screen_shot_2015-01-25_at_4.20.26_pm screen_shot_2015-01-25_at_4.20.37_pm screen_shot_2015-01-25_at_4.20.00_pm screen_shot_2015-01-25_at_4.19.39_pm

The theme was “What do we do now?” so our take was that you are in space and your ship is suddenly failing.  You must figure out how to get your ship up and running.  Its a 3d oculus experience.  This turned out way better than the last oculus game.

GGJ oculus

We had 6 people on the team.  2 artists 2 programmers and 2 sound guys.  Friday was a very productive day.  Got the game up and running.  Had a guy powering off cubes and turning them on.

Saturday was a little rough.  Was waiting on the the art mostly.  Since this was such an experience game so much of it required art.  Wrote some features that never got in the game.  The idea was that we were going to have a robot go around and take power from one system and put it in another.  I wrote some simple scrips to do that but Sunday was way too hectic.  Merge conflicts, new art, new music.  Learned a lot how to deal with music.  Had a really nice audio manager that played the audio at the player and queued up the sounds.

I had a really fun time with artists.  I realize how much they can do to a game even in a jam setting.

Anywoo Give it a shot.

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