Planet Power – Ludum39

Finally had nothing going on during Ludum this time around and mentally ready to do it.


So the idea is you control planet points that can shoot out bullets at stations.  Each bullet takes power from the planet so be careful.  Check out for planets around you.  They can provide crucial power in your hunt to destroy the stations.


So take aways.

  • Got sound in.  Sound effects still the only thing I tend to do in Jams.
  •  Didn’t really make any art outside a power bar.  A win in my book.  Looks ok.
  • Def rusty.
  • Game is ok.
  • It is hard again.  I cannot make an easy game for a jam.
  • Finally used json.  Made making levels not a huge pain in the ass.
  • Making levels.  Not a fan.  Spend a lot of time setting up the game then didn’t care that much about levels.