Planet Power – Ludum39

Finally had nothing going on during Ludum this time around and mentally ready to do it.


So the idea is you control planet points that can shoot out bullets at stations.  Each bullet takes power from the planet so be careful.  Check out for planets around you.  They can provide crucial power in your hunt to destroy the stations.


So take aways.

  • Got sound in.  Sound effects still the only thing I tend to do in Jams.
  •  Didn’t really make any art outside a power bar.  A win in my book.  Looks ok.
  • Def rusty.
  • Game is ok.
  • It is hard again.  I cannot make an easy game for a jam.
  • Finally used json.  Made making levels not a huge pain in the ass.
  • Making levels.  Not a fan.  Spend a lot of time setting up the game then didn’t care that much about levels.



Size Matters

Alright took me forever to post this.  But I did a game Jam in October over at Play Fab.  It was a lot of fun.  Setup similar to Startup weekend so bigger teams and in general better games came out of it.  However I was on a team of two with Nathan Thompson.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 2.49.19 PM

The premise is pretty simple.  You shoot someone you get smaller they get bigger.  The ceiling is coming down.  When you touch the ceiling you die so the smallest person lives.  When you’re smaller you’re fire rate is lower and when you’re bigger your fire rate is high.  Try and hide or try to duke it out.  Up to you.

It is pretty fun.  I will post the game online when Nathan posts the game back into Github after he removes some copyrighted music.

We had some trouble with the classic fps controller due to changing of size dynamically.  Jumping just didn’t work and we didn’t have a lot of time to trouble shoot.  So we removed it and I think the game is actually better.  There is a lot of ways to dodge bullets but thats part of the idea.

Download Windows

Ludum 32 Completed

Sorry I’ve been way too lax about posting.  I spent a lot of time last night on art.  And it’s all real bad but its workable.

I think the game came out well.  Its a struggle to introduce these concepts of switching characters.  Balance is really hard to do.  The amount of variables that are juggling to make the game interesting and fun and hard is hard. 😉

Ludum32 s1 Ludum32 s2 Ludum32 s3 Ludum32 s4

Give it a go.  Definitely better than the last game.


Saturday AM

Was up early but still a slow morning.

All Game mechanics in place.  Context buttons are in place.  This adds to the magma because the guy is working on the machine. Vents activate and will lose magma.  Platformer goes around and turns them off.

So there is official win and losing conditions.

Ludum 32 Sat AM

Next up
ART art art art
Play test make it good and fun

For now though I’ve got some football to play and won’t be back for about 5 hours.  I have to enjoy this wonderful day and I need a break.

End Friday

Its’ been a little slow but its coming along.  I’ve got all 3 characters and a way to switch between them. A countdown timer that is a losing condition.  A wind simulator for the helicopter.

Ludum 32 Friday

Art art art
Vents that leak heat/magma
Heat/magma machine that will actually let you win.  This will be done by key presses.
Once heat has been reached I want to have you platform to the top to get to the heli but we’ll see.

Ludum 32

Let’s do this. do na na…..

I’m really liking the theme this time around.  I’ve decided on doing a lost vikings style roguelike platformer set in a volcano.

So the basic idea is you have your crew and you are trying to blow up this volcano to destroy the town.

The details I’ve worked out are as follows.
3 crew members
1 man in a helicopter.  He must stay at the entrance of the volcano.
1 man is manning a volcano machine near the magma.  He must keep the machine running.
1 man is plugging wholes to make the eruption bigger.

You have to switch between the three and prioritize.

Be back with some screenshots and working code

New Venture

So I’m starting something new.  I’m going to do a weekly/biweekly show where I make a game in an hour.  Well atleast attempt to.  I just did episode 1 to see how it would work out.  The verdict is ok.  I made something with a score and losing condition.  So I guess its better than most.

Once I figure out this twitch thing I will post the video.  If I can’t I have the file and I can post it to youtube myself.  Then I will post it.

You can play the game here. And watch it here.